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About Dr. Cinberg

Dr. CinbergPatients who come to the Balance Disorder Center of New Jersey typically have two comments about its director. They say  he’s a very good listener and  knows a lot about their problems. 

He began learning how to listen early on as his grandfather, an eye surgeon and physician in turn of the century New York City, and his father, a New York City physician and surgeon, discussed medical problems. He saw that they never stopped studying in the hope of increasing their knowledge and improving their patients’ outcomes.

He learned how to listen in more than one language when scholarships permitted him to study in Argentina and France and learn Spanish and French. His teachers at Dartmouth College, a small ivy league school in rural New Hampshire, and later at Columbia University’s medical school, in the most urban of settings, convinced him by their examples that learning never ends. His training continued at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, and he decided to specialize in ear, nose and throat disorders at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center’s residency program. He was trained by two of the outstanding ear surgeons/researchers of the nineteen fifties and sixties, Drs. Milos Basek and Jules Waltner, as a clinical fellow at Columbia University in New York City. Because of their influence, he then worked as a fellow at the Lenox Hill Hospital, which allowed him to learn from one of New York’s most skillful physicians for people with problems of balance, Dr. Ken Brookler.

Dr Cinberg taught his specialty as a university faculty member for the next ten years, which allowed him both to care for patients with particularly complex problems and to do research, an approach he continues to the present. He still currently teaches young doctors with the view that, "we know better than we did ten years ago how to evaluate and treat people who are dizzy or have lost their hearing suddenly, but there’s a lot more to learn, hopefully sooner than later." 

He is one of the few physicians in New Jersey to receive the honor award of the American Academy of Otolaryngology and he accepted an appointment to begin in the year 2000 to the sub-committee on equilibrium, a panel selected from all specialists in his field, to help better understand how to evaluate and care for people who have balance problems: their findings serve as a resource for the physician community at large. He has published in most of the major journals in his specialty and Marquis Publications informed him recently of his listing in the upcoming Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, 2000-2001.

Dr. Cinberg has worked with the Balance Disorder Center since its incorporation in 1991. During this time the Center has developed one of the broadest experiences in New Jersey with approaches considered by many to be most useful in understanding why a person is dizzy or has sudden hearing loss: Trans-tympanic ElectroCochleography ( an evaluation of inner ear electrical discharges) and Videonystagmography (television computerized analysis of eye motion in response to stimulation of the balance system). He is also acknowledged as a pioneer in New Jersey in applying medicines directly to the inner ear to treat dizziness and sudden hearing loss. He received F.D.A. approval to place medicines in the inner ear on an experimental basis in the early nineteen nineties and has New Jersey’s broadest experience with middle ear catheter use to permit the application of medicines to the inner ear. 

A father of five, whose ages range from twenty to seven, he is married to a school teacher in Newark who never fails to remind him, "there are a lot of people out there who need help."


Mission: To provide a resource center for people who have had their lives diminished because of dizziness, poor balance or sudden hearing loss where their problem and the treatment options are analyzed in a comprehensive and caring manner.
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